Congeria Minisodes are exclusive bonus content available to Shudder members who sign up with our promo code "CONGERIA" when creating a Shudder account. We at Team Congeria believe the main series should never be behind a paywall, and the primary narrative of the show will always be free and available to all.

But what if you can't wait another week for the next episode? What if you love the characters and the world of Congeria, and you can't wait to get a little more of them?

That's where Congeria Minisodes come in. With all the production quality of the main episodes, Congeria Minisodes feature insights into the heads of Congeria characters, with fun side-stories written by series regulars and fun guest-writers that take you into the histories and personal lives of characters such as Claire, Ronnie, Glenn, Kate, Angela, and more. They've got all the compelling strangeness you've come to expect from Congeria in bite-sized packages.

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Phil Michalski