Gentle Conclusions

Created by Atticus Jackson & Henry Galley
Executive Producer: David Cummings
Production and Sound Design: Phil Michalski
Music: Brandon Boone
Episode Art: Charlie Cody
Written by Henry Galley, Gabrielle Loux and Maxwell Malone


Erin Lillis as Jenny Walker
Nichole Goodnight as Claire Dubois
Scott Thomas as Glenn Rhodes
Jeff Clement as Harry Resnick
Mike Delgaudio as Ronnie Mendez
Alexis Bristowe as Angela Graves
Addison Peacock as Dr. Kate Goodwin
Brian Mansi as Joel
Snake as Harvey
Owen G. Bevan as The Cultist
Tisha Boone as The Waitress
And Jennifer Tiles as The Receptionist

Also featuring Dan Zappula and Matthew Bradford as The Prison Guards.

The Congeria Outro Theme was written and performed by Phil Michalski, with lyrics written by Alex Aldea, and performed by Camila Recchio

With Special Thanks to David Cummings and Alex Aldea

Phil Michalski